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  • Dr. Jeff Jordan

2021 Wind Ensemble Concert schedule released.

This is considered a subtitle or an area for more title information.

Intro paragraph on what the piece is about. Don't share everything here, the details can go below the quote

“This is an area for a quote about your feelings on the piece or an excerpt from the lyrics of the choral piece.”

This is a paragraph section to further explain the piece, can be the same as the full piece section located in its individual page but not all of the info.

This piece contains the following moments:

Mvt. 1: Title

Mvt 2: Title

Mvt 3: Title

Mvt 4: Title

Mvt 5: Title

Score samples, as well as full-length recordings may be found under Compositions for Band/Choir/Chamber HERE. ****click on the "HERE" to edit the link information, paste the correct page you want it to link to, delete this comment when done**** ***** DELETE ALL INFORMATION BELOW THIS LINE BEFORE POSTING *******

• To change the image, click on the image and select the two arrows in a circle to switch the image, find the image you want from your folders in WIX, the click Insert image • Click on the SETTINGS gear to the left and update the picture to match the picture seen in the blog at the top.

• Make sure your name is selected as the author, it should on default, but sometimes it misses.

• Click on the advanced tab while still in the same menu and add a description

* Close the SETTINGS and click on CATEGORIES below it

• Select the categories you want that post to show up as.


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